Welcome to ASS – Aarhus Student Swim club

A number of measures have been taken to secure we follow the Covid-19 restrictions towards the swimming pool and Aarhus Studenternes Svømmeklub.

Latest update 10/3-2021: The pool is closed until further notice due to Corona.  

Swimming pool access

The number of swimmers to acces the pool is limited to 10 women og 10 men at a time. The number per lane will still be limited to maximum 4 swimmers. We therefore need to control, how many swimmers we grant access to the pool. 

The pool time will now be limited to half an hour, to get as many swimmers in the pool.

The access to the pool will take place in four 10 min. intervals. When we reach the maximum number of swimmers, we close the entrance. We use the first off principle..

There will be no entrance outside these intervals.

When you enter the swimming pool building you need to show your membership card to an ASS lifeguard who will be there to control the entrance and grant you access. Please keep distance while waiting to show your membership card. 

First time you need bring your membership receipt, a photo in passport size and your student card, if you are a student. You have to assemble your own ASS membership card on site.

The swimming pool staff are not allowed to let you in, only the ASS instructors.

These are the time intervals you are allowed to enter the pool.

Hold I:

- Interval I: 19.40-19-50

- Interval II: 20.10-20.20

Hold II:

- Interval I: 20.40-20.50

- Interval II: 21.25-21.35

Locker room

- The Sauna will be closed!

- The time spend at the shower room must be limited as much as possible.

- The shower room will close at 22.10 and the locker room at 22.20

Membership card

- You cannot buy a membership card at the pool. You have to buy it on-line

- Once you have shown the membership card at the entrance, you do not need to show it at the pool.

The membership price will be reduced by DKK 50, as a compensation due to the Corona close down during the spring.
We swim at: Frederiksbjerg Idrætcenter Swimming Pool: F. Vestergaards Gade 5, 8000 Aarhus C.

To sign up for the different teams, go to “Prices and Sign-up”

The stated prices are for an entire season, which ends June, 2021.

ASS is a large dynamic club with approximately 800 members. The club offers:

Click on the team you want to know more about and thus find out which team suits you best. (link do not work) 

Current Information

Registration can only be done via the web. When collecting your membership card, please bring proof of payment, i.e., the receipt. For members paying the student price, it is imperative that you bring a valid student ID (including the certificate of enrollment in the case of university students) and show it to the ASS lifeguards/trainers before the membership card can be handed out. Furthermore, please bring a passport photograph; preferably printed on normal paper.

Remember to bring your membership card each time you show up for training. You can only be granted access with the card.  

Please bring a padlock, which will allow you to lock the wardrobes in the locker rooms.